Requirements for Safe Management Measures at the workplace
The Multi-Ministry Taskforce had announced on 24 September 2021 that to minimize the strain on our healthcare capacity and slow down transmission, there will be further tightening community safe management measures during this stabilisation period. From 27 September 2021, work-from-home will be the default at workplaces. Kindly refer to Requirements for Safe Management Measures at the workplace at :

Our members can perform the following services for you. Click on our Membership Directory to contact a land surveyor.

Cadastral or Title Surveys

  • Re-defining land boundaries for ownership
  • Subdivisions for land and strata titles
  • Determining boundary encroachments
  • Submission of plans under the Planning Act
  • Preparation of Certified Plans and Strata Title Plans

(Note: The surveyor must be registered with the Land Surveyors Board, Singapore before he can undertake any title surveys in Singapore.)

Engineering & Construction Surveys

  • Setting out surveys for construction & engineering works
  • Height monitoring and land deformation studies
  • Bridge and Tunnel surveys (MRT)
  • Land reclamation
  • Pipeline and cable laying surveys (power, sewer, etc)

Topographic Surveys

  • Location of natural and artificial features on the ground
  • Contour and thematic mapping
  • Map production

Hydrographic Surveys

  • Charting and mapping of the near-shore seabed
  • Detail set-out of harbour works
  • Advising on site selection for offshore pipelines
  • Dredging and reclamation surveys
  • Consultancy services to shipping and port authorities

Geodetic Surveys

  • Establishing large area control network surveys
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) surveys
  • Precise levelling and establishing Benchmarks

Photogrammetric Surveys

  • Aerial photography surveys
  • Terrestrial photography surveys
  • Photo-control point establishment
  • Digital terrain modelling

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Services

  • GIS Consultancy services
  • Geographic and Land Information management
  • Spatial data management
  • Digital mapping services