Land Surveying, mainly embracing land, aerial, hydrographical and satellite surveying, is the science of measuring, recording and reproducing to scale, on plan or other forms, the shape, size and relative vertical or horizontal position of any or artificial feature on earth's surface, above it, and even below.

The Professional Land Surveyor's role, by virtue of his education and training is:

  • To conduct or supervise the conduct of any survey operation, calculations of the survey data, their analysis and the eventual production of maps, plans or charts, with reports and recommendations, if any.
  • To act as a consultant advising his clients on the optimum choice of survey schedules, logistics, methods, instrumentation, cost, etc., and hence the most economical combination to manage land infomation systems. 

What is Land Surveyor ?

"A surveyor is a professional person, with academic qualifications, technical expertise, interpretative ability and management skills to practice the discipline of surveying for the benefit of society." (Definition courtesy of I.S. Australia, Inc.)


What is Surveying ?

Surveying is basically about applying the art and science of measurement across a broad range of activities such as cadastral, engineering, mapping hydrographic, geodetic and GIS fields. (See our land surveyor’s services)


Be a Land Surveyor

At the moment, there are no graduate surveying courses offered in Singapore. However, there are many degree programmes offered in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and UK. Surveying schools are usually attached to the faculties of Engineering in various universities.

Many of the SISV members are graduates from these universities, and you may wish to contact them for more first-hand information. See our member and member firms listing.

Remember: To practise as a registered surveyor in Singapore, you must have a relevant degree, and pass the prescribed exams, local legislation paper and practical tasks set by the Land Surveyors Board.