One of the recent milestones in the Institute's history is the accreditation of degree courses as part of the continuing enhancement and development of standards sought by the Institute. It also ensures that potential members have attained a certain minimum education standard relevant to their discipline. This accreditation process was implemented in 1992.

Accreditation of overseas degree courses is particularly necessary for two reasons:

  1. Local laws and practices are different from those overseas. The accreditation process ascertains the relevance of the course content and standards of the overseas degree vis-a-vis the Singapore environment;
  2. Overseas courses have been restructuring extensively and frequently, resulting in drastic changes to course structure and content, and vastly different names for these courses. To ensure that the needs of its members are served and that the quality if its members is not compromised, the Institute deems it essential to accredit these courses.

The Institute is presently at various stages of the accreditation process with a number of overseas universities.

List of SISV accredited degree courses
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