organised by the Valuation and General Practice Division of the SISV.

Core A - Law of Real Property

1.   Law of Real Property

  • Legal Description
  • Reading and Interpreting Plans
  • Boundaries and Survey Maps Act
  • Tenure and Interest in Land

2.   Law of Contract and Tort

  • Elements of Contract
  • Terms of Contract
  • Vitiating Factors in a Contract
  • Discharge of Contract
  • Remedies for Breach of Contract
  • Law Society's Conditions of Sale
  • Negligence
  • Vicarious Liability
  • Defences
  • Trespass
  • Dangerous Premises

3.   Law of Agency

  • Creation of Agency
  • Types of Agency
  • Authority of an Estate Agent
  • Duties of an Estate Agent
  • Rights of an Estate Agent
  • Termination of an Agency

4.   Law of Landlord and Tenant

  • Lease and Licence
  • Type of Leases
  • Creation of Lease
  • Relationship between Landlord and Tenant
  • Fixtures and Fittings

5.   Law of Property Taxation

  • Property Tax - Annual Value
  • Liabilities and Reliefs
  • Tax Rate and Rebate
  • Owner's Rights and Obligation
  • Stamp Duty - Sales; Lease
  • Rate
  • Goods and Services Tax - Exempt Supply; Zero Rated

6.   Law of Planning and Conservation

  • URA Act
  • Planning Act
  • Master Plan
  • Micro Zoning Plans
  • Conservation
  • Development Charge
  • Use Classes Orders
  • Exemption of Land From Development
  • Controlled Premises (Special Provisions) Act

7.   Law of Property Rights

  • Registration of Property
  • Types of Registration
  • Registration of Deeds Act
  • Land Titles Act, Land Titles (Strata) Act
  • Restriction of Ownership
  • Government's Right to Acquire Property Compulsorily
  • Building Maintenance & Strata Management Act

8.   Company Law

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited Company
  • Comparison of Company Structure
  • Legal Requirements

Core B - Real Estate Marketing

1.   Principles of Marketing of Real Estate

  • Securing Listings
  • Types of Listings
  • Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Mix
  • Promotions and Advertising
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Art of Negotiation
  • The Sales Process
  • Sales Documentation
  • Pricing
  • Factors Influencing Price
  • Particulars of Property
  • Presentation

2.   Marketing of HDB Properties

  • Housing and Development Act
  • Middle Income Housing
  • Eligibility Rules and Housing Scheme
  • Pricing
  • Buying from HDB
  • Resale Market
  • Policies on Commercial Properties

3.   Marketing of JTC Properties

  • Jurong Town Corporation Act
  • Terms and Conditions of Leasing
  • Letting JTC Factories and Land
  • Science Park

4.   Marketing of Private Properties

  • Factors Affecting Value
  • Special Consideration in the Marketing of Residential, Commercial, Retail Shop and Industrial

5.   Marketing of Residential Properties Under Construction

  • Differences in Marketing Completed and Under Construction Residential Properties
  • Statutory Requirements on Marketing of Residential Properties under Construction

6.   Marketing of Commercial Properties Under Construction

  • Meaning of Commercial Properties
  • Differences in Marketing Completed and Under Construction Commercial Properties
  • Statutory Requirements on Marketing of Commercial Properties Under Construction
  • Differences in Marketing Residential Properties and Commercial Properties Under Construction

7.   Marketing of Investment and Other Properties

  • Hotels; Time Share; Car Parks; Heavy Vehicle Parks; Vehicle Parking Certificate
  • Conservation Properties
  • Characteristics of the Properties
  • Government Intervention
  • Factors to Consider; Pricing; Negotiation; Promotion and Advertising; Presentation

Core C - Professional Practice and Management

1.   Real Estate Market

  • Physical and Economic Characteristics of Land
  • Definition of Market
  • Characteristic of Real Estate Markets
  • Supply and Demand Factors
  • Real Estate Cycle
  • Factors Affecting Market Operations
  • Government Intervention and Effect on Market
  • Singapore Real Estate Stock

2.   Code of Conduct and Ethics

  • Characteristics of a Profession
  • Code of Conduct and Ethics
  • Misrepresentation
  • Disclaimers

3.   Real Estate and Other Forms of Investment

  • Definition of Investment
  • Qualities and Forms of Investments
  • Risk and Returns
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Real Estate Investment in Comparison with other Forms of Investment
  • Measurement of Return from Other Types of Investment

4.   Business Management, Development and Office Management

  • Contract of Employment
  • Type of Estate Agency Firms, Business Development Opportunities
  • Business Development Efforts
  • Office Organisation
  • Management Information System
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Clients Accounts
  • Record Keeping

5.   Real Estate Finance and Analysis

  • Sources of Financing - Banks, Finance Houses
  • Insurance Corporations
  • CPF (Approved Residential Property Scheme)
  • CPF (Approved Non Residential Property Scheme)
  • CPF (HDB Scheme)
  • CPF (Mindef Scheme)
  • Term Loan; Overdraft Facilities; Prepayment
  • Default
  • Valuation and Investment Analysis
The syllabus and structure are subject to change without prior notice to reflect current market and legislative changes.

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