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Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers

Land Surveying Quantity Surveying Valuation and General Practice

VGP Services

Our members can perform the following services for you. Click on our Membership Directory to contact our members.

Valuation Services

  • carrying out valuations on all types of land and buildings, e.g. commercial, industrial, residential, recreational, special use for letting, purchasing, sale, investment, mortgage, insurance, taxation and compensation
  • acting as an counsellor for clients seeking to buy a property as an investment
  • forecasting the returns on the capital invested
  • projecting the cash flow
  • advising on various aspects of the investment to ensure the best returns
  • advising on specialised laws, procedures and policies relating to compensation and land acquisition
  • assisting in the resolution and arbitration of disputes relating to the real estate

Auctioneering Services

  • advising owner on the right timing, the appropriate reserve price and the best packaging to extract maximum returns from the auction
  • Property Auctioning Process
    • receiving clients' instructions to auction property
    • rexamining the physical aspects of the property
    • Liaise with solicitors to obtain particulars and condition of sale
    • valuing the property
    • advising the owner on the reserve price
    • advertising and promotional materials are prepared
    • auction is announced publicly in advance of the event
    • usually held in a hotel
    • inviting bids for it in appropriate increments
    • closing the auction with the fall of the hammer to conclude the deal

Auctioning Chattels — Office equipment, plant and machinery, jewellery, paintings, carpets and other chattels (movable items) can also be sold via auction by licensed auctioneers.

Real Estate Agency Services

Sale Of Properties

  • receiving instructions from a seller
  • helping the client to formulate marketing strategy
  • determining the right price for the property
  • advising on the packaging of the product and the optimal timing of the sale
  • handling all negotiations
  • helping to arrange the necessary documentation to complete the sale
  • assisting buyers in arranging financing where necessary

Leasing Of Properties

  • helping the landlord to determine the market rent for the property
  • helping to prepare the relevant lease agreement
  • making necessary arrangements for the connection of utilities
  • monitoring the lease on behalf of the owner where instructed
  • ensuring all terms and conditions are properly observed by the tenant
  • helping to arrange appropriate contractors to carry out repair and maintenance works on the property if necessary

Project Marketing

  • providing key input into the design of the project
  • planning and co-ordinating the marketing effort
  • determining the arrangement of show units
  • handling enquiries
  • advising on statutory requirements with respect to the sale of properties, and monitoring payments

Looking For Space

  • assisting client in negotiating with the owners for the best possible terms for the desired space

Property Management Services

  • tenant relations
  • liaison with government
  • public relationships with owners in a condominium
  • promotional activities, e.g. development of management plans, budgeting, the meeting of statutory obligations, capital improvements, etc.
  • day-to-day running of the building
  • ensuring maximum return on investment for the client
  • managing entire housing estates and town councils
  • assisting in the resolution and arbitration of disputes relating to the real estate

Property Development and Property Management Servicess

analysing the feasibility of a property development project, e.g.

  • the suitability of the site
  • the constraints imposed by the government planning authorities
  • future
  • unknown market conditions
  • the right financing package
  • development theme
  • end user requirements

Development and Project Manager

  • conducting market surveys
  • analysing demand and supply
  • performing the financial calculations to determine the feasibility of any property development project
  • enabling the developer to make sound decision on how and when to proceed with the project
  • leading the project development team
  • planning and co-ordinating with various professionals, e.g. the architects, the engineers, the quantity surveyors and the contractors