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Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers

Land Surveying Quantity Surveying Valuation and General Practice

Past LS Events

Seminar: Emerging Trends in Surveying
(3 CPD Points)
16 June 2012
Seminar: Soft Tools for the Times
(3 CPD Points)
12 May 2012
Seminar: Understanding LTA's Requirements For Engineering Survey Works & Submission
(3 CPD Points)
21 April 2012
SISV Annual General Meeting
(1 CPD Point each for Divisional AGM and SISV Main AGM)
31 March 2012
Lunar New Year LS Get-together
(2 CPD Points)
3 February 2012
Seminar: Updates in Mapping and Satellite Technologies
(3 CPD Points)
7 January 2012
BIM Talk
(3 CPD Points)
19 November 2011
Seminar: Updates in Marine And Offshore Surveys
(3 CPD Points)
17 September 2011
Time: 9am to 1pm
Seminar: Challenges in Surveying Overseas
(3 CPD Points)
15 October 2011
Time: 9am to 1pm
Visit to ISM, Johor (4 CPD Points)
Speaker - Mr Terence Goh
23 July 2011
Time: 9am to 8pm
Seminar: Surveying in Higher Risk Areas (3 CPD Points)
Speaker - Mr Terence Goh / Ms Clara Chua
28 May 2011
Time: 9am to 12.30pm
LSB-SISV Joint Seminar (3 CPD Points)
a) Theory in the development of Tide Wells Height Transfer and its Constraint - Mr Tan Choo Haw
b) Knowledge Sharing On The Tide Wells Height Transfer - Mr Mohd Rashid Noor
c) The Tide, the GPS and the Geoid - Dr Tor Yam Khoon
9 April 2011
Time: 9am to 1pm
SISV Annual General Meeting (1 CPD Point each for Divisional AGM and SISV Main AGM)
1) LS Division (by Mr Loi Hwee Yong)
2) SISV (by SISV Council)
26 March 2011
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Lunar New Year LS Get-together (2 CPD Points)
1) Dinner (by Mr Paul O'Conner)
2) Open Dialogue on survey issues (by Mr Loi Hwee Yong)
18 Feb 2011
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Joint SISV-LSB Seminar
1) 3D Cadastre - A Study Report
2) Forum Discussion
15 Jan 2011
Time: 9am to 12nn
Mapping Our Future (3 CPD Points)
1) Sharing Experiences of Conducting Tunnel Geometry Survey (by Mr Chua Keng Guan)
2) Update on Initiatives to Develop Our Profession (by Mr Loi Hwee Yong)
20 Nov 2010
Time: 9.30am to 12.30pm
Technical Updates (3 CPD Points)
1) Are we Ready For 3D Survey? (by Dr Tor Yam Khoon)
2) Subsea Pipeline Survey (by Mr Tan Choo Haw)
9 Oct 2010
Time: 9.30am to 12.30pm
Surveying Experiences in MRT Construction (3 CPD Points)
1) Datum Transfer Surveys (by Mr Toh Say Leong)
2) Underground Control Surveys (by Mr Kelvin Lim)
3) Tunnel Lining As-Built Surveys (by Ms Teo Hui Ying)
18 Sep 2010
Time: 9am to 12nn
Seeing For Future (3 CPD Points)
1) Role of Land Surveying in GPS controlled machines (by Gerry Ong)
2) Electronic Measurements – Past, Present & Future (by Mr Gregory Tan)
14 Aug 2010
Time: 9am to 12nn
LS Get-together and Singapore GEOID (3 CPD Points)
1) Familiarisation tour & briefing (by Ms Evelyn Chang & Mr Hwang Huat Eng)
2) Height Datum and Height Determination using GPS in Singapore (by Dr Victor Khoo)
17 Jul 2010
Time: 9am to 12nn