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Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers

Property Management and Maintenance Course


The Property Management & Maintenance Course is organised by the Valuation and General Practice Division of the SISV.

This course aims to train building supervisors, technicians and property executives as well as to upgrade the present standard of property management in Singapore.

It helps to ensure that building supervisors, technicians and property executives who have successfully completed the course are able to service their clients in a more professional manner and to provide a higher standard of service.

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13 January 2017 to 13 June 2017    

: 04 July 2017 to 08 December 2017    Open for Registration


The Property Management & Maintenance Course consists of 3 parts, each part comprising 8 lectures.

The syllabus and structure are subject to revision without prior notice to reflect current market and legislative changes.

In the event that changes to the syllabus and/or structure result in a candidate having to repeat one or more subjects, no exemption is allowed.

The lectures are held once a week, from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm.


An applicant must possess a minimum qualification of 3 GCE 'O' Levels or equivalent and not be less than 21 years of age.


The fee is $1,500.00, inclusive of the examination fee. The fee for each paper re-examined is $100.00.

The fee is payable in advance either before the beginning of the course or before the re-examination whichever is applicable.

A candidate who fails to pay the requisite fee for any reason whatsoever will not be allowed to attend the course or sit for the re-examination.

A candidate who fails to sit for the examination or re-examination for any reason whatsoever will have to apply to participate in the course again.

Course fee is not refundable for any reasons whatsoever. The Institute reserves the right to cancel a particular intake for whatsoever reasons.

Cheque should be made payable to "Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers".

NB: All the fees quoted exclude 7% GST.

* SDF Assistance Available. Amount to be confirmed at a later date. SDF Terms & Conditions apply.


As this course is designed for maximum interaction between the candidates and the lecturers, a candidate is therefore advised to attend all the lectures.

A candidate who does not attend at least 75% of the lectures is not allowed to sit for the examination and no fee will be refunded.

No deferment in any part shall be allowed in any case, except for purpose of reservist training & medical reasons (documentary evidences must be attached).

The same shall apply to deferment in examination.


A candidate will be required to sit for an examination of 3 papers at the end of each part.

A candidate who fails in all the papers will need to re-take the same part again.

A candidate who fails in one or two papers is allowed to take a re-examination.

If a candidate fails in any of the papers in the re-examination, he will need to re-take the same part again.

Any candidate who desires to have any of the failed papers re-mark or need counselling must submit a written request accompanied by a fee of $30.00 per paper to be re-mark or counselled.

A "Certificate of Successful Completion" will be awarded to a candidate who successfully passes all the three parts.

The Institute's decision on all examination results is final and no further correspondence on the examination will be entertained.


If you have any enquiries, please contact Manisah / Janet at tel: 6424 0272 / 6424 0282 or email: