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Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers

Bridging Course- Underground Surveying and LSB Directive (non-cadastral) 2017

Tech Membership Bridging Course: - Underground Surveying and LSB Directive (non-cadastral) 2017

Course Title :  Underground Surveying and LSB Directive (non-cadastral) 2017

Instructional Hours : 

30 Hours

Attendance Rule :

 A student must fulfill a minimum attendance of 75% to be eligible to sit for the examination.

Course Synopsis

This course provides students with the essential knowledge required to provide the surveying services for the constructions of the underground MRT structures and other tunneling projects and Engineering and Topographical surveys in Singapore’s context. Student will learn how to carry out datum transfer, underground control survey, setting out survey, pre-computations and as-built surveys of tunnels and tracks. They will also learn the LSB Directives on Engineering and Topographical Surveys. They will be required to do group tutorials

Course Objective 

This course equips the student with the skills and knowledge to carry out underground surveying, engineering surveying and topographical surveying works in the construction industry in Singapore. Students will be taught on how control surveys and as-built surveys are carried using various survey techniques. The LSB Directives on Engineering and Topographical Surveys will also be taught. Students will learn various datum transfer surveys, underground control survey and as-built surveys. 

Learning Units : 
1. Underground Surveying
2. LSB Directives on Engineering and Topographical Surveys


Learning Unit Lecture (hrs) Tutorial (hrs)
Underground Surveying 20 4
LSB Directive on Engineering and Topographical Surveys 5 1
Total 25 5

1. Bannister A., Raymond S. and Baker R (1998). Surveying (7th Edition), Addison Wesley Longman Limited
2. Material & Workmanship Specifications. (2009). Chapter 3 Survey and Setting Out. Land Transport Authority.
3. Material & Workmanship Specifications. (2009). Chapter 16 Bored Tunnels and Related Works. Land Transport Authority.
4. Civil Design Criteria. (2009). Chapter 2 RTS Alignment. Land Transport Authority.
5. DTL 3 Civil Contracts Particular Specification (2010). Survey and Survey Control, Land Transport Authority.
6. DTL 3 Track Works Particular Specifications (2010). Survey and Survey Controls, Land Transport Authority.
7. Code of Practice for Railway Protection (2004). Land Transport Authority.
8. LSB Directives for Non-Cadastral Survey V4 (2013). Land Surveyors Board, Singapore


Week    Date Topics  Tut Rmrk
1 30/08/2017     1. Introduction to Underground Surveying, Safety Practices, site conditions, construction sequences in tunnelling, tunnel geometry; and 
2. Common terminologies in tunnelling and track alignments
L/T 3 hrs
2 06/09/2017 1.Survey Quality Plan; and 
2.Method Statement of Survey Works
L/T 3 hrs
3 13/09/2017 1.Surface Control Survey; and 
2.Horizontal Datum Transfer Survey and Horizontal Control Survey
L/T 3 hrs
4 20/09/2017 1. Vertical Datum Transfer Survey and Vertical Control Survey; and 
2. Gyro Survey
L/T 3 hrs
5 27/09/2017 1. Tunnel Boring Machine Survey and Guidance System; and 
2. Definition of Structure Gauge
L/T 3 hrs


1. Rectangular Tunnel as-built survey; and 
2. Bored Tunnel wriggle survey
L/T 3 hrs
7 11/10/2017 1. Station Box as-built survey; 
2. Passenger Screen Door Surveys; and 
3. Civil Defence Tunnel Hinge Door Survey
L/T    3 hrs


1. Survey for Railway Protection of Underground Tunnels; and 
2. Track Survey
L/T 3 hrs
9 01/11/2017 1. LSB Directives on non-cadastral survey practices; 
2. LSB Directives on control survey and; 
3. LSB Directives on setting out surveys; and 
4. LSB Directives on as-built/topographical survey
L/T 3 hrs
10 08/11/2017 1. LSB Directives on Gazette Notifications, GPS RTK and Deformation surveys 
2. Revisions
L/T 3 hrs
  15/11/2017      Examination    


Time: 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Pre-requisites for Tech Membership Bridging Course: Underground Surveying and LSB Directive (non-cadastral)
:Qualification attained must be recommended by SISV LS Academic Panel to be admitted as SISV Technocal Member

Course Fee  : $1300.00 + GST

Course Schedule :  Commencing 30 August 2017.  Registration ends on 15 August 2017

Download Application Form 

Training Venue : Singapore Institute of Surveyors & Valuers 
110 Middle Road #09-00 Chiat Hong Building, Singapore 188968
Tel: (65) 6222 3030 Fax: (65) 6225 2453


Where the application period ends on a public holiday or a Sunday, the closing date for applications will be the first work day following the stated closing date.

Registration & Payment 
Registration is confirmed upon payment. Cheque should be crossed and made payable to “Singapore Institute of Surveyors & Valuers” and mail it together with your completed registration form to 110 Middle Road #09-00 Chiat Hong Building Singapore 188968

Withdrawal and Deferment 
No refund will be made and no request for deferment will be granted unless a written notice is given no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the course commencement.GPS Lands reserve the right to amend the course details, revise the course fee without prior notice, to cancel, postpone or change the venue of the course in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

Contact: Ms. Manisah Jalil
Tel: (65) 6222 3030 / 6424 0272 Fax: (65) 6225 2453